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    - Build out the object system
    - Build or Find an acceptable IDL
        Short List of potentials
        - [comline](
    - Work on a styleguide for commits
        Maybe something allong the lines of 
            [relevant shorthand note] Explination 
    - Language support on HBVM
      - HBVM assembler (with IDL support)
      - HBVM Lisp/s-expr Compiler (Also (with (IDL (support))))
    - Documentation
    - Drivers
        - serial driver
        - PS/2 mouse driver
        - PS/2 Keyboard driver
        - VGA driver
        - SVGA driver
        - File system
            - Depends on Disk driver
            - TarFS
                Pass in a tar file as an initrd and parse it with TarFS
        - VFS
                Being (written)[] by Bee
        - Disk driver
            - IDE Driver
            - ATA Driver
            - Floppy Driver
        - A ton more
    - Port (Slint)[]
        - Depends on 
            - Graphics Driver




Firstly, I would like to apologize. I am not capable of supporting building on any random machine with any random operating system.

AbleOS very likely builds with nix-shell on your operating system.

  1. git submodule update --init
  2. cargo repbuild