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Simple Program to run custom AI Bots on Discord

How to install

git clone https://github.com/TheBlackfurGuy/SheepBotFrame.git
cd SheepBotFrame
pip install -r requirements.txt

How to set up

Edit the config.yml file to your likings.
Change "botname" to the name of the bot (currently has no effect)
Change "filterpings" to false if you don't want to have pings filtered out.
Change "excludeprefix" to set the text sequence that will hide a message from the bot
Change "usechannels" to the IDs of the channels the bot should react in
Change "trainchannels" to the channel IDs and ammounts the bot should download
Change "corpus" to all the corpus the bot should train
Change "token" to the Bots token

How to run

This will give you all information you need to get started.

python3 run.py --help