Voxel engine written in Rust
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Voxel engine written in Rust


  • multithreaded procedural world generation
  • procedural structures
  • multithreaded mesh generation
  • cubic chunks (32x32x32)
  • low-level OpenGL renderer, targetting OpenGL ES 3.0
  • frustum culling
  • multiplayer support [1]
  • block placement system
  • basic gui[5]
  • cross platform: windows, linux, osx [2], android [3]
  • universal input system: supports keyboard, mouse, gamepad and touch input [4]
[1] - multiplayer is work-in-progress
[2] - not tested on macos
[3] - android support is experimental
[4] - mouse/gamepad input is not supported on android
[5] - currently only used on the loading screen


Latest nightly release

build for windows/linux


cargo build --bin kubi
cargo run --bin kubi

build in release mode, with nightly optimizations

cargo +nightly build --bin kubi --features nightly --release

build for android

please note that android support is highly experimental!
gamepad, mouse input is currently borked, and proper touch controls are not available.
srgb and blending are broken too, which leads to many rendering issues

prerequisites: Android SDK, command line tools, NDK, platform-tools, latest JDK
(make sure that your $PATH variable is configured properly)


cargo install cargo-apk
cargo target add aarch64-linux-android


--no-default-features is required for keyboard input!
(prefer-raw-events feature must be disabled on android)

Mouse input is not implemented, touch only!

cargo apk build -p kubi --no-default-features


cargo apk run -p kubi --no-default-features

touch controls

touch control scheme
  • Left side: Movement
  • Rigth side: Camera controls
  • Bottom right corner:
    • B (e.g. place blocks)
    • A (e.g. break, attack)


to join a multiplayer server, just pass the ip address as an argument

cargo run -p kubi --

server configuration

address = ""     # ip address to bind to
max_clients = 32              # max amount of connected clients
timeout_ms = 10000            # client timeout in ms

seed = 0xfeb_face_dead_cafe   # worldgen seed to use

name = "Kubi Server"          # server name
~ uwu